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Extracurricular activities 

Extracurricular activities start in our school from the 1st of October. We would like to invite all the pupils to take part in these activities, which include sports, art, and drama. 
The football club invites all those interested to the sports activities which aim to improve the football skills of the participants, but more so provide great fun to all involved. The club activities take place each Saturday after the lessons, between 13.30 and 14.30 Mr Jan Czerwonka will be organising all the activities and looking after the club members. 
We would like to invite all those interested!!! 
Art activities mobilise the child’s imagination, move the child into the limitless world of their own creativity and ingenuity. During the art classes, creative play is most important. The use of various materials and creative techniques (painting, cutting out, creating multi-dimensional forms) enable the children to develop their manual ability as well as their imagination, it also widens the children’s perceptive abilities and their immediate perception; it broadens not only the imagination (which, as we all know, has no limit), but also motivates thinking. Taking part in creative activity allows the participants to discover their own artistic way and allows them to appreciate the effects of their own creativity.  
We would like to extend the invitation to all those interested in the artistic activity, to come and take part in the art club, which takes place  each Saturday after the lessons, between 13.30 and 14.30 under the careful and creative eye of Mrs Iwona Pawlik. 
Children love to impersonate various characters, act as good and bad, present things on stage, and even more importantly – they adore being applauded for their efforts. Theatre is a special reality for the children, a reality in which anything can happen. Just like one song says:
‘This glass can do anything; it can answer each question, it is just enough to hold it in your hand and everything will become pink. It is just enough to hold it in your hand, spill a grain of imagination and you can soon fly to the star.’ 
The drama club operates at the school each Saturday after the classes finish, between 13.30 and 14.30 and is looked after by Mrs Kinga Wyszatycka and Mrs Donata Majchrzak. We would like to cordially invite all those wanting to develop their acting ability and try their hand at operating in the alternative world of theatre. 
We would like to invite all the volunteers to take part in the extracurricular activities on offer in our school. 
Our well stocked library is also waiting for all those interested.