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North Lanarkshire councillors

The School of Polish Language and Culture – situated in Calder Primary School – recently welcomed some distinguished visitors. The school operates on Saturdays and supports the Polish community in Lanarkshire and Glasgow.
North Lanarkshire councillors, Mr Harry McGuigan and Mr Michael Ross visited the school, joined by Mrs Molly Scott – acting Head Teacher at Calder Primary School. The School’s chairperson, Mrs Katarzyna Meinicke led a tour of all the classes, speaking to the visitors about the curriculum and all the varied activities that take place in the school. The visitors viewed the classrooms, the school resources, and spoke with the staff and children. The visitors were very impressed by the work being done at the school, and promised to further support the school and Polish community in North Lanarkshire.
The School of Polish Language and Culture welcomes visitors and looks forward to work with councillors in the future.

Katarzyna Meinicke

Awards ceremony in the final of the Ancient Times Competition in group IV

On the 28th of April 2012, group IV has had a special celebration to present the final of our Ancient Times Competition. The competition marked the end of our work connected to the ancient times, which are referred to as those before the birth of Christ (B.C.). Just before the Easter break we stood face to face with a huge challenge as the test was very difficult and on top of that consisted of over fifty questions. Just the format of the test was a completely new type of encounter for us and this is why we are all very proud of ourselves for tackling it in style. In spite of the difficulty of the task, we have all faced it without fear and shown that we possess significant knowledge about the ancient era. We know that information we have learned will be useful for us in the future. The winners of the first, second and third place have received book awards – the books are of course about the ancient times, and we are all certain will be a thrilling read for the winners. Books were won by Michał Ożarek, Andrzej Mamczura and Wiktoria Betka. Books and diplomas were awarded by the Chair of the School Board – Mrs Katarzyna Meinicke. After the awards ceremony, all its participants have reluctantly posed for a group picture.

Anna Cunningham

Group IV – News

We have been choosing the most hard-working and the most active pupil for a few weeks now. We assign the cup for the best pupils every week, they have the privilege of hosting the cup on their desk for the whole day. Here are a few pictures that show how much better it feels to work when you have a cup on your desk:

Three pupils from Group IV are taking part in „GŻEGÓŁKA”, the III Polish Spelling Competition in Scotland and Northern Ireland for the Golden Quill of the RP Consul– our representatives are Wiktoria Betka, Magdalena Michniewicz and Andrzej Mamczura.
We have been preparing for the competition very conscientiously – until our hands were sore... 
Anna Cunnigham



Spelling competition

On Saturday the 17th March 2012 our School participated in a spelling competition arranged by No Boundaries School in Edinburgh. We were represented by;
a) 8-10 aged
1.Oliwia Sierakowska
2.Weronika Kahl
3.Jakub Pijanowski
b) 11-13 aged 
1.Wiktoria Betka
2.Magda Michniwcz
3.Andrzej Mamczura
c) open group
Jolanta Mamczura

We are successful in three awords:

Oliwia Sierakowska - younger group
Andrzej Mamczura- older group
Wiktoria Betka - distinction

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