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On the 9th of November 2013, our school had a triple celebration of the Teacher’s Day, Independence Day, and New Student Oath Day. The students of our school prepared a beautiful celebration with their teachers. The celebration consisted of three parts.
The initial part saw the pupils from the oldest group talk about the celebrations for the 11th of November and their importance for Poland and Polish people. This part of celebrations was prepared by the learners and their teacher Mrs Anna Cunningham.
The second part of our celebration was prepared by group two and Mrs Donata Majchrzak and Mrs Magda Więcław. This part was connected to the traditional Polish celebration of the Teacher’s Day, which is usually celebrated in Poland on the 14th of October. Our pupils presented all the teaching staff with apples and hearts. After their presentations, the management have also thanked our teaching staff and wished them all the best, as well as presenting them with chocolates and ‘thank you’ cards. Mrs Christine Boyle, the Head Teacher of St Bernadette’s School, who came to see our celebrations, was also included in this part of the day.
After the Teacher’s Day celebrations, the time came for the youngest children attending our school to say the student oath and become true students. This part of the day was prepared by Mrs Joanna Gawłowicz-Rachwał and Mrs Anna Surdacka with group zero, but children attending the nursery group were also participating in the process of becoming true students and reciting their student oath, Mrs Alicja Bizior and Miss Weronika Pawlik were helping group zero.
Towards the end of our celebrations, the Student of Autumn awards were presented, the awards were presented to:
- nursery group - Julia Armatys
- grroup 0 - Julia Plęs
- group 1 - Robert Rachwał
-group 2 - Maryna Ozimek
-group 3 - Przemysław Konarski
-group 4 - Przemysław Żychski
-group 5 - Karolina Florjańczyk
The whole celebration was beautifully framed with music prepared by Mr Fryderyk Karauza and the Music Club.
All the students who were on stage have bravely won with stage fright and were awarded by applause from their teachers and audience.
The celebrations were a success and we hope that all the other celebrations throughout the school year will also be as beautiful.

Anna Cuninngham
zapraszamy do galerii

5th anniversary of School of Polish Language and Culture

The 2nd of March 2013 the School of Polish Language and Culture in Motherwell celebrated the 5th anniversary of its opening. The school is an organisation which supports Polish children, young adults and their families in North and South Lanarkshire area. The School operates every Saturday morning in Calder Primary School, with around 85 children attending every week. The children are taught about the Polish history, geography, and the country’s language and culture.
The school was established in 2008, opening on the 8th of March at St Bride’s Hall with about 45 pupils. Over the past few years, the school has expanded and evolved, moving to both Cathedral and then Calder Primary Schools.
The current Chairperson, Mrs Katarzyna Meinicke, and the Principal of the school Miss Agata Lis welcomed guests to a 5th birthday event. The celebration consisted of a performance by the pupils, followed by a piano recital of Polish compositions by Mr Marcin Dominik Gluch – a Polish musician who flew to Scotland especially for the event. Many parents and both Scottish and Polish friends of the school attended, including the General Consul of Polish Republic to Scotland – Mr Tomasz Trafas and his wife.
A thanksgiving mass was also held on Sunday 3rd March, followed by a further piano recital by Mr Gluch.

Katarzyna Meinicke

zapraszamy do galerii


May the beauty of this season bring you peace and joy now and throughout
the coming year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

                                                                                           Staff and pupils
                                                                                           of School of Polish Language and Culture.

End of year 2011/2012

On the 16th of June the school end of year ceremony took place. It started with a mass in St.Luke’s church, Motherwell. Afterwards the Headteacher summarized the academic year and thanked all involved in the activities of our school: School Board, teachers, Father Krzysztof, volunteers, football coach, the  parents’ council and all pupils. The pupils received diplomas and Polish books as a recognition for their year’s work. The best pupils were awarded  special diplomas. At the end parents had the opportunity to fill in the application form for the next year.
Thank you all for taking part in this event!

Magdalena Róż



On the 19th of May our school hosted two football friendly games between the School of Polish Language and Culture and Calder Primary

The two games were in two age groups – 5-8 years of age and 10-12 years of age.
All the pupils gathered at 10.00 a.m. in the school hall, where the school chairperson and the head teacher have welcomed all the participants and visitors.
After the welcome and introduction, we have all walked to the Calder Park, where the matches have started.

The first game was played between the younger teams and the rest of the pupils were supporting the players. The atmosphere was hot and the game result was 3:2 – it was obvious our team would win, and it did.

After a short break, the older teams have started their match. The game did not lack excitement, injuries or minor tousles, but nobody was seriously hurt or injured and the game finished in a positive atmosphere with the result of 1:0. Our guests have won and we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them.

The gold medals and certificates of participation have been awarded to all those who took part in this very exciting football morning. The event was highly entertaining and all the pupils have participated in it with great relish and hope for a quick re-match.

Donata Majchrzak

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